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GREAT GAME OF BUSINESS is a natural next step for those following Verne’s Rockefeller Habits program. Jack Stack’s book, The Great Game of Business, has inspired entrepreneurs around the world to educate employees on the rules of business, empower employees to act on that knowledge and reward them for their contribution. As a business management system, The Great Game of Business is the most sensible way to run your company.

Over the last 30 years, thousands of companies from around the world have taken the steps to move their business to the next level. Six times a year, executives and employees from companies of all types and sizes make the journey to Springfield, Missouri to learn about Open-Book Management. In this all-inclusive seminar, you’ll learn to:

1) Identify the metrics most critical to your business’ success

2) Integrate a strategic & financial planning process that involves your entire team

3) Create financial & business literacy training programs for your employees

4) Develop engaging team huddles & scoreboards

5) Implement self-funded incentive plans to motivate your team

Whether you are trying to decide if The Great Game of Business is right for you, or if you are getting started and need guidance in setting up The Game in your organization, this is an invaluable experience.

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2013 Dates
APR 2 & 3 | MAY 14 & 15 | JUN 4 & 5 | NOV 5 & 6 | DEC 10 & 11

Sample Program Agenda


7:45 AM – Depart hotel, travel to SRC Holdings headquarters. 
Welcome and introductions. 
Keynote by Jack Stack
“Know & Teach the Rules”
Networking Lunch
Huddle & Tour at an SRC Facility
“Follow the Action & Keep Score”
Depart for Networking Reception & Dinner (with SRC Managers) at Bass Pro Shops
Q & A with Jack Stack

7:30 PM - Day one concludes, return to hotel



7:45 AM. – Depart hotel, travel to SRC Holdings headquarters.

Practitioner Keynote Speech

“Provide a Stake in the Outcome”
Q&A Panel with SRC Employees
MiniGame Methodology (Self-Funded Incentive Programs)

2:30 PM – Wrap-Up; program concludes

*Program Subject To Change.

Special All-Inclusive Price for Gazelles Customers: $1,495 (reg. $1,595) (hotel, meals, ground transportation after arrival)

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