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JEAN-PIERRE LEBLANC "After 18 years of not knowing how to truly lead our company, I asked my partners to treat the Rockefeller Habits as our operating system. They agreed. Since then we've taken a business that just couldn’t seem to reach $5m and grew it to $22m in 4 fun years"

- JEAN-PIERRE LEBLANC, Co-Founder & Chair, SajeWellness |

David Mammano "Without Verne's tools, we’d still be in the entrepreneurial stone age! Listen to the master… the Yoda of Entrepreneurship!"

- David Mammano, Founder/CEO,

Dr. Steven Hotze "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits continues to be the best and most practical business book I have ever read. It is the foundation on which our enterprises have been built. Verne, thank you."

- Dr. Steven Hotze, CEO, Hotze Enterprises

Jon Kinning "We are a $150 million a year revenue company and continue to grow 40% plus annually. The organization is thriving on “Verne's Growth Drugs” with daily stand-ups, meeting rhythms, war rooms and strategic planning processes fully integrated into the DNA of the company. The result: we are executing on our strategy, and with a recently completed $40 million financing we are accelerating our growth through strategic acquisitions."

- Jason Smith, President and CEO, Real Matters.

Jon Kinning "We are a huge disciple of your book and system for planning. We incorporated the one-page strategic plan about three years ago and use it as our platform for all of our planning across 5 business lines and corporately. We have married up your book with Getting Things Done by David Allen and Who by Geoff Smart. We utilize the scorecard system in Who to assign accountability to the plan and utilize the project plan in GTD to assign the next three action steps per Rock."

- Jon Kinning, COO and Owner
RK Mechanical, Inc.

Roman Senecky "My sincere thanks for the Rockefeller Habits training. I attended it with my team last year in Prague.

We implemented numerous processes (daily meeting, good news, next 90 days, business lunch, and walking together) during the year at our 1,200-person company..."

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Roman Senecky

My sincere thanks for the Rockefeller Habits training. I attended it with my team last year in Prague.

We implemented numerous processes (daily meeting, good news, next 90 days, business lunch, and walking together) during the year at our 1,200-person company. Our learning resulted in a clear definition of our strategy and priorities, which were shared with all management (160 people). This makes the change visible and understood -- and enables us to move fast on execution. The change has stuck! We are sending new members of my executive team, plus additional operational managers, to your training this year.

Many thanks and I will continue sharing your book and recommending your training.

- Roman Senecky, Managing Director, Mondi, Ruzomberok, Slovakia

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- Roman Senecky, Managing Director, Mondi, Ruzomberok, Slovakia

Jeshua Zapata "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits has been fantastic, the book has been easy to understand stand, and it has been helping us grow as a management team, building a common language and a series of tools to manage our business effectively. The concepts are easy to understand, yet deep, profound and powerful. I wish we had this book when we 1st started the firm."

- Jeshua Zapata, Partner at

"Two years ago I was just about to hire employee #10 and I knew things would have to change but I wasn't sure exactly what or how to do it. I picked up Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and I really identified with the material. Then I found out there was an upcoming workshop in Seattle and that's where I met Keith Upkes. We started working together right after and Keith's help has made a huge difference in my business and my life. Things are fun and exciting now, and the challenges less daunting."

- Kevin Lewandowski
Founder & CEO

Todd Andrews "This is the most actionable and insightful business book I've ever read, and I read 4 at a time!"

- Todd Andrews, CEO
Spinal Elements, Inc.

Steve McKean "Gazelles’ two biggest value-adds for CEOs are providing a scalable management structure from zero to $100 million and vetting the business concepts and learning we need to grow our businesses. It is stressful to see more information being produced than can be consumed, so curating all the new ideas and authors, as you do, is huge for us."

- Steve McKean, CEO, Acceller

Skip Keaton "One of my mentors introduced your book "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits" to me a little over 5 years ago and we really used it as a blueprint for the foundation of our success. And what success Quickparts has had! We use most of the tools that you discuss from daily huddles to a one-page strategic plan. A large part of what we do and the success we have had comes from your 147 pages. So this is my small thank you for a great book!".

- Skip Keaton | Director of Sales and Service, On Demand Parts®
3D Systems Corporation

Dan Rogers "It took some floundering to navigate the path of attempting to apply the Habits by ourselves but we then signed up for a Rockefeller Habits workshop and started working with your coach Ron Huntington. The results have been completely as expected – phenomenal. As a result of our success, I now actually have the time to work on my business (and myself). Thanks to Gazelles for being a huge part of our success at P2P!".

- Dan Rogers, President/CEO, Point to Point Transportation Services, Inc.

Dwight Cooper "I spoke to a group of CEOs and told them they needed to attend a Rockefeller Habits workshop and if they did not love it I would pay for their attendance!".

- Dwight Cooper, CEO PPR Healthcare Staffing

Gene C. Towle "I was very excited to…find out that the Gazelles [coaching] program is available in Spanish in Mexico. Our primary market, housing, is in a serious crisis. [Your team] did a spectacular job in helping our companyget back on track using the methodology of the Rockefeller Habits workshop."

- Gene C. Towle, Managing Partner, Softec

Bill Becker Recordsforce has been using Gazelles for a year and a half and we love it! It has made an amazing difference for me as CEO to have a real methodology for running my business.

- Bill Becker, President

Henry McGovern "Gazelles delivers more value for the $ than anyone else in the business!"

- Henry McGovern, Chairman and CEO, AmRest (WSE: EAT)

Tony Petrucciani "Several of the management techniques (our daily “adrenaline” meetings and weekly management meetings) that we implemented over the years helped us get to a much better valuation than we would have otherwise."

- Tony Petrucciani, CEO, Single Source Systems, Inc

Mellie Cline "I am a realtor. Your website and blog are like crack. I started reading your book this morning on the treadmill. When I got home and went to sign up for the weekly email I discovered the treasure trove of various pdfs and other material online and spent the rest of the morning exploring. Holy cow! I finally managed to pull myself away, but it took a lot of discipline. I've been looking forward to reading your book, but I can see I'm going to enjoy it even more than anticipated."

- Mellie Cline, Allie Beth Allman & Associates, Dallas, TX

Jeff Booth "Learning the Rockefeller Habits is the single best thing we have done as a company. It has led to complete company alignment, faster learning and numerous breakthroughs. More importantly, the process has allowed us to thrive despite being in an industry that has fallen almost 70% in the last number of years. I consider it a must for any leadership team looking to grow its business."

- Jeff Booth, CEO, BuildDirect

I was in a YEO forum with a guy who took his company from $7 million to $40 million, eventually selling to Raytheon for $40 million. After hearing his repeated references to Verne Harnish, I finally attended the Rockefeller Habits seminar. I honestly believe that without ever going, I'd still be running a mom and pop operation and probably hating my job--begging someone to buy me out!

- Scott Nash, CEO, MOM’S Organic Market

I have worked with Verne since 1999 and seen our revenues grow from $6 million to $50 million for 2010. We’ve also expanded across North America and Asia.
Each time I personally hear Verne, I come away with 1-2 great ideas and 3-4 ideas that I can walk back and immediately apply in my business. Multiply that times the other team members coming and you can imagine the value!

- Fred Crosetto, CEO, AMMEX

Phil Miner We will never miss a Growth Summit again! The lost opportunity costs are simply too great.

- Phil Miner, Chairman, Miner Holding Co.

Greg Krasnov We are now the market leader in our main loan product, and we are growing rapidly, taking market share in other retail loan products and retail deposits, and actively pursuing acquisitions. I think that using Rockefeller Habits was absolutely THE key factor in our ability to achieve this. It is an incredibly powerful system, whose simplicity makes it possible to communicate our strategic plans and progress to each person in our now 1,600-strong employee body. If you want real results, forget a Harvard MBA and spend a few days with Verne! I know of no other strategic management system that is better.

- Greg Krasnov, CEO, Platinum Bank

Bill Saint We are a luxury homebuilder in Charlotte, N.C. that has adopted many of the principles in Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and wanted to pass along our gratitude for helping us grow and thrive. The era of the mega-mansion is over, and we heard loud and clear that our buyers wanted incredible luxury, but in the right size and price. Our Island Collection, introduced in only 8 months, was all possible due to intense focus by our entire team.

- Bill Saint, President & CEO, Classica Homes

Verne’s recent Rockefeller Habit’s presentation to the SF Bay Young Presidents’ Organization was a success! While many business resources focus on theory, Verne delivers practical tools, which can immediately impact corporate results. Verne’s fast paced, entertaining presentation style enabled him to cover the Rockefeller Habits while customizing the program on the fly in order to address burning issues on our CEOs’ minds. Verne’s very high rating for this event is simply par for the course for the Growth Guy.

- Zack Stenger, Education Chair, SF Bay – Young Presidents’ Organization

Craig Falk Mastering the Rockefeller Habits is the best management book I’ve read. I love its concise format and practical advice on how to grow your company. I use the One Page Strategic Plan with my team every year to set our course as a company. I read the book for the first time three years ago and I re-read it frequently. "

- Craig Falk, Owner, Craig Cares

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